NEW Specials!

August Specials

Starting August 5th!
ALL SPECIALS $6.50 each

Asiago Chicken Sandwich
Ciabatta bread, warm sliced chicken with melted asiago cheese, sliced tomato, bacon and fresh basil.

Oriental Salad
Chicken and crispy rice noodles, with a kale salad blend served with sesame ginger dressing.

Vegetable Grilled Cheese
Herb focaccia bread, melted fontina cheese, sun dried tomato, sauteed onion and mushroom, with spinach and fresh basil.

Chicken & Cucumber Sandwich
Wheat bread, dill cream cheese, sliced cucumber and tomato, and chicken.

Avocado Salad
Spring mix with sliced avocado, bacon, egg, grape tomato, and red onion, served with avocado ranch dressing.